Monday, April 11, 2016

A Swedish apartment in white, grey and wood tones

Right now our entire house is painted in the same shade of taupe. While it's not an offensive colour at all, I'm itching to paint it all as soon as possible. Of course I found the perfect inspiration in a Swedish real estate listing (browsing through them is one of my favourite hobbies and sources of inspiration these days!).  Right now, especially with Spring approaching, I'm craving the bright, airy feeling of all white and light grey walls. This apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden fits the bill perfectly. All white and airy, with the kitchen cabinetry painted in the perfect medium grey shade. While everything is done quite simply and minimally, there's a warm lived in feeling with details like the mismatched wood chairs, the casual gallery walls of art and imperfectly made sofa and beds, as if someone just stepped out. 

Photos: Alvhem


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brooke said...

I have been searching the internet this afternoon and came across your blog. I love your inspiration rooms. I know exactly what you mean about that "itching" feeling to get going on a project. I think Spring does that!!


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