Thursday, March 10, 2016

Artist: Emily Filler

Instagram has become one of my favourite places to discover new designers and artists, a favourite recent discovery just happens to right here in Toronto (this city is just bursting with talent and creativity!) Artist Emily Filler works primarily in collages, her work is bold, eye catching and layered with textures and patterns. I love how she draws inspiration from the natural world using flowers and leaves. The pieces have a beautiful sense of balance with the juxtapose of a 'soft' subject like flowers in strong black and white, as well as the mix of bold brushstrokes with subtle, delicate patterns give the pieces such depth and layers of interest and meaning. I think I notice something new each time I look at one. I'm busy scheming ideas for a new gallery wall in my own home and would love to add one of these pieces to the collection. 

I've really enjoyed following Emily and her work on Instagram and getting a sneak peak into her new work and process. Find her account here

All images: Emily Filler

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