Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Artist Andrea Pramuk

While I enjoy art of all kinds and genres, I often find myself drawn in to soft, abstract pieces that can immediately put your eyes at ease and make you want to step back, relax and take in every detail. Multimedia artist Andrea Pramuk's pieces are soft, ethereal and thoroughly intoxicating. She has a beautiful play between colours and tones, and the soft formations remind me of a combination between clouds and water. They feel organic but also very abstract.

On her website, Andrea says about her own work, that it  "...might remind you of the earth and its elements: cloud formations, the cosmos, geological formations and the vastness of the ocean. Always conscious of my surroundings, body, environment and art become a natural extension of the other, symbiotically. The resulting ephemeral imagery has a certain weightlessness and fragility about it that I find endlessly compelling and meaningful. I try to capture a moment in time, but unlike the stillness of photography, I try to make images that keep moving and changing at every glance, like surface tension of water or like moving clouds. These paintings are very much about living in the moment.

Estuary - (Study No. 2)

Wild and Peaceful

Estuary (Study No. 3)

Asleep in the Sand

I couldn't resist also including some images from her series 'Bluelines', consisting of "small studies of monochrome blues that open up the mind and soul."

When I first saw her artwork, I quickly thought that these pieces would look incredible on a large scale, and apparently I was not alone in this thought. I was excited to see that Area Environments who create large scale mural artworks and wall coverings, carries a selection of her work. Here is an example of one of her pieces in an installation by Area Environments - what a striking statement.

All images: Andrea Pramuk

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