Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Artful ways to display your tv

So often when I'm looking at decor magazines, or even real estate house listings, I'm struck with the question - but where's the tv? It's true that televisions can often be a bit of an eyesore and not exactly a beautiful design element in a space, which is why so many stylists and magazines just leave them out when it comes to photographing a space. While they are a frequently used item, and by their very nature, need to be in a prominent space, they often they end up becoming a focal point of a room. And not a particularly pretty one. I'm currently wrestling with this very issue myself and was on the hunt for some inspiration on some better looking ways of keeping the tv as a prominent piece, but not letting it dominate the space. 

Emily Henderson created a beautiful gallery wall behind the tv and entertainment unit - I like how some of the art is even behind the tv, but it still doesn't take centre stage. 

Another similar take on this is to mount the tv on the wall and incorporate it into a gallery wall as if it were one of the pieces of art (as seen in the four examples above).

I love the idea of having a long low floating shelf for leaning art with the tv mounted so it is level with the shelf and a part of the art display. 

I liked the way Victoria de la Camara has her tv casually sitting above a buffet alongside some books and a lamp. This is a great technique for apartments and small spaces - rather than a typical entertainment unit, a buffet will also provide extra storage.

The living area of AphroChic's Jeanine Hays and Bryan Mason is a favourite of mine. The symmetrical gallery wall behind the television, featuring the beautiful artwork of Leigh Viner, is a strong focal point. The television fades away a bit, and striking pieces like the African carvings make it feel like a beautiful display rather than just a perfunctory entertainment space.

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