Thursday, March 3, 2016

A lavender sofa

I've been helping my mother in law look for a new sofa for the home she's just about to move into. It's become a bit of a joke between us that I keep pointing out some really lovely lavender coloured sofas that I've come across. Shades of lilac and lavender have always been a favourite of mine and one of those things I can't help but find myself drawn to every time it I see it. While it may seem an unconventional choice, I'm starting to see it as a bit of a neutral, it's pretty but not precious and blends so well with almost any colour.

This very minimal modern space is very clean and almost clinical were it not for the inclusion of the lavender sofa. It instantly softens the space and adds a little personality. 

I have to think back on the lavender sofa that likely started my fixation - in the home of Ochre founders Andrew Corrie and Harriet Maxwell Macdonald - their Soho loft set thousands of Pinterest boards alight and remains one of my all-time favourite spaces. Here the lavender tufted sofa softens the industrial details of the loft, but still plays perfectly with the other neutral tones. 

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