Monday, February 8, 2016

White space pt 2

A bit of silence on the airwaves here over the past couple weeks. I'd had posts planned and lots of ideas to share, but as it happens life hit all at once and I've been taking a bit of time to take stock and catch up a bit. Just a day before we closed on our home, we were hit with a sudden and very tragic loss in our family. Suddenly all the logistical issues and moving details seemed so trivial and it was a reminder of what's really important in life - our family and those we love. In the midst of the clutter of so many thoughts and far too many boxes, I've found myself seeking a bit of white space - both literal and figurative. As I stare around at the sea of taupe walls in my new home, I can't help but revert back to thinking of my favourite palette of whites and soft greys as the perfect foundation to base our space around.

This home is the second White Location owned by stylist Catherine Woram and her husband Michael Bains. Calm and serene, they are decorated entirely in white and soft grey tones. The perfect background for the photoshoots that frequently take place here - companies such as the White Company, Marks and Spencer and Laura Ashley have used this space. While this home is all around quite neutral and understated, it boasts gorgeous of a master suite, complete with a stunning en suite. The space is all white including the painted floors and feels airy and bright. The antique carved wood doors lead to the bathroom with a vintage tables as a vanity with hammered brass sinks. I can definitely see why it's the perfect neutral background, with just the right amount of interest, to show off all sorts of lovely products. 

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