Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Grey trim, white walls

Sitting in our new home and looking around me at a sea of taupe walls (literally every single wall in the house is in the exact same shade!) my mind has been spinning with decorating ideas, and many of them start with paint. Admittedly I am a total bore when it comes to choosing paint colours for the most part, and invariably end up with an all white / soft grey scheme. For this space, while it's not entirely a departure from my tried and true palette, I've been thinking more about painting most of the trim in the house in a light grey. While classic white trim and moldings are always a fail-safe, I like the way it subtly adds a bit of extra interest to the architecture and may help to prevent the progression from neutral to just plain boring. Here are a few beautiful examples of this in action. 


Laura said...

I'm thinking of doing the exact same thing and have pinned those same images! Would you paint your doors the same colour or just the trim?

I'd love to see if you go for it and what shade of grey you use - I just can't make up my mind whether to do it or not.

escapade said...

Laura - I've been going back and forth re: the doors but I think I'd go for it and paint them the same shade of grey too! (Or at least try one and if it didn't work paint it back to white ;) ) I'm leaning towards a softer grey like the one in the 1st and 3rd images of the post - otherwise I think it could look a bit too dark in my space. Will definitely post an update and let you know the shade once complete :)


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