Friday, February 19, 2016

Chic and Basta: unique handmade goods from Quebec

I'm always on the lookout for beautiful handmade pieces and I was delighted to be introduced to Chic and Basta a little while back. Founded by a husband and wife team with the idea of supporting and promoting independent Quebec artisans with a focus on 'perfectly imperfect' objects, small series and productions, and high quality objects that combine the simplicity of function and aesthetics. They have a beautifully curated collection of unique pieces, each thoughtfully handmade and with a sense of soul.

"We believe that a people’s soul is expressed in their objects and craft, that handmade objects or products of local artisans, design objects made in small series, are more beautiful, last longer, and ultimately provide more satisfaction than goods mass produced by industrial society. Our selection has a preference for creators and Quebec artists who focus on quality rather than quantity, and who create contemporary objects."

Throw Quilt -"Baltic Winds" by La Cabane Atelier

All images via Chic and Basta

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