Sunday, February 28, 2016

A cave apartment in Santorini, Greece

I thought I'd indulge in a little visual vacation this weekend. While the sun is shining outside in Toronto, the wind still has a biting chill, and I'm craving that feeling of the sun soaking into my skin. Some images have the ability to take you away and really transport you, and these pictures of this gorgeous little apartment in Santorini, Greece make me feel a little warmer just viewing them (and has my fingers itching to click 'book'!). 

The Soul Cave House is a rental available on Airbnb. A real traditional cave house carved into the Cliff of Caldera of Oia with spectacular views of the Aegean Sea. The house is very Spartan and simple in it's furnishing - all in white with some grey and wood accents. 

It has also further strengthened my plan to paint the main areas of my own home in all white with grey painted trim. Someone had asked before about painting the doors grey vs leaving them white, and seeing it here again in action, I think grey trim and doors are the way to go. I love the simplicity of Greek design and architecture, it's always so soothing and the perfect mirror to the surrounding landscape. As I am starting off on decorating our home, it's the perfect reminder to pare down, keep things simple and not to get caught up in the trap of 'too much' that's so easy to fall into in our culture these days. Concentrate on 'fewer, better things' and use any extra to save up for Santorini! :)

All photos: Airbnb 

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