Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Jessie Randall's Family Friendly Home in Brooklyn

As our moving date grows closer, I find myself increasingly exciting about the decorating prospects ahead. I've started to accumulate all sorts of inspiration and streamline my ideas on what I'd like the overall look to be, and some of the little details and come up with a comprehensive plan. I've been going back through spaces that I've really loved over the past and examining some of the details that could work in our new place.   Of course things may change once we get in the space and we have the real tangible details at hand, but for now, coming up with ideas and letting my imagination wander is half the fun. 

Jessie Randall's 'Bright and Airy' Brooklyn home featured recently in Cup of Jo immediately captured me the moment I laid eyes on it. It had me at the title  'bright and airy' which is always my thing! Indeed it is bright, light filled and with a lovely open flow connecting all the main floor living spaces.

I'd love to create a small work nook like this in the main living / dining area to work on my laptop or later on for little ones to do their homework while still in the main family space. I love how Jessie has used a subtle neutral wallpaper accent behind the bookshelves.

From here you can see how the spaces flow easily into each other - from kitchen to work nook to living area to dining.

The fireplace is right in between the living and dining areas so can be enjoyed in both spaces. The main dining area is very minimal and modern, with very clean lines and little adornment or distraction.

Some of the pieces and overall design made me think back to Jessie's previous home, featured in Domino (which must have single handedly sold thousands of that 'For Like Ever' poster above her mantle!) Even a few years on, I think I love it just as much as I did before. The stunning architecture, the mix of modern and traditional styles with a bit of a playful twist. Jessie used wallpaper in a similar way in this space too - just one thin panel in a neutral and metallic patterned wallpaper. I'm generally not a huge wallpaper person, but these subtle accents are a very pretty addition to the spaces.

Photos 1- 6, Photography by Alpha Smoot, Styling by Randi Brookman Harris for Cup of Jo  

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