Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Simple festive flare

Now that we're a family of three, I'm feeling a little more of a push to make things festive around the house this holiday season. Unfortunately, having a little one around also means it's a bit of a challenge to get some of these things done, and with moving plans approaching around the corner very soon, I don't want to buy a lot of decorations or get carried away with a lot of fussy decor. While it's easy to feel a bit discouraged browsing through the crafting extravaganza on display on Pinterest, rather than feel defeated, I've decided to pare things down to just a few simple elements that will still add a bit of festive flare without getting things too complicated. 


Our (non functioning) fireplace has always been one of my favourite features of this space. Filling it up with candles will make our living area feel so cozy and add a warm glow on a cold night. I love the idea of simply filling a few vases with greenery for a quick and easy display. 

Make the house smell amazing with a simmering pot of citrus fruit, pine sprigs and cinnamon sticks -an easy and natural way of creating an aromatic scent (one of the biggest senses tied to memory) to stir up nostalgic holiday memories. 

A tablescape adorned with a few taper candles and a few pine branches creates an understated but nonetheless festive feeling. 

On the more ambitious end of my plans, is making a pretty wreath similar to this one. Get the full instructions at A Daily Something. I think this would also make a lovely holiday hostess gift to bring over to someone's home. 

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