Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The dating game of house hunting

As we continue in our search for the perfect home, I find myself comparing the whole endeavour to the crazy game of dating. The emotional highs and lows, the expectation, the reality, and inevitable disappointments and yet, the need to keep the faith that the one for you is out there, and that you'll find it at the right time. Like dating, so much about real estate is about timing. 
At times you can feel like 'all the good ones are gone!', but there's always something around the corner. I remember back in my single days, the excitement and anticipation of getting ready to go out on the town with my girlfriends, and the beginning of a search can feel the same way -that feeling of the unknown and a multitude of possibilities is sometimes the most fun part. Often a simple MLS listing will be just the 'kiss to build a dream on' and my imagination is happy to build upon that dream. There have been a few times where, like a girl who starts planning her new monogram after a first date, I'll have mapped out whole renovation plans, and looking at tile options before even stepping foot into the space. When you finally arrive at the open house, you can feel a twinge of neurotic possessiveness as you see other prospective buyers also checking it out (Get away from here! This is my house!!) But the in-person visit is always when things start to get real, you can see first hand the dark little secrets that weren't revealed in those beautifully lit and staged photos. You realize it's not actually quite as big as it looked on camera, those charming moulded walls are actually filled with asbestos or there are some major repairs to be done. What seemed charming can quickly turn into a big mess! A few quirks and small setbacks can be workable, they may even 'deepen the bond' or make it more 'you', but a major structural issue or insidious defect could wreck havoc on your life. While we can't expect 'perfection', we have to keep looking out for that perfectly imperfect space that has just the right mix of must haves, nice to haves, and liveable issues. 

This home is an old listing that has long since sold (and out of my price range anyway), but would pretty much be my personal version of 'tall, dark and handsome' - a modernized Victorian, with some original charm and character, a gorgeous light grey kitchen that opens to a family living space. I think the two of us could be very happy together... 

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