Thursday, November 19, 2015

Let's move to Sweden instead...

My love for Scandinavian design and interiors is hardly news. And although I've known this for quite some time, and said it here many times before, I still find myself struck by how gorgeous their real estate listings are! Especially now, when I'm in the routine of looking at local listings on a daily basis it seems such a striking contrast. The architectural features - mouldings, herringbone floors, beautiful hardware - seem to come standard, and that Scandinavian knack for 'warm minimalism' make the spaces seem so expansive and clutter free, yet still warm and inviting with a mix of modern and antique pieces and lots of little personal details and accessories. 

Love the soothing soft grey/grey tone of this bedroom - and perfectly coordinated bedding.

Little details like these nickel door handles make all the difference. 

I love how large and open the entry hall is - a very functional space in itself and creates such a nice flow between the living spaces. 

Love the design of this kitchen!! Definitely one to store away in the inspiration files. The all white cabinetry combined with the white painted floor make it feel so clean and airy - and contrast beautifully with the red brick wall. The cabinet space is used very efficiently with little details like the drawers below the upper cabinets and there seems to be a decent amount of storage and a place for everything. 

Those vintage wood chairs paired with a very basic Ikea trestle table, add a bit of warmth to the stark white space and blend with the red brick to give a really homey feeling. 

Photos: Alvhem

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Daniela Gheorghe said...

Sharalee ,I’m also in love with the Scandinavian style. Why? Because they tend to be very simple in their ideas… everything is starting from wood, followed by leather, metal, linen, wool and furs, and the Nordic colour palette tends to be light and pale… simply gorgeous! Thanks for sharing these pictures with us:)
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