Thursday, November 12, 2015

A walk through Wychwood Park

While we've been excited about house hunting, there is a big part of me that will be a bit reluctant to possibly leave our neighbourhood. I didn't know much about the area before we moved here, but I was pleasantly surprised once we were settled in at how much it really had going for it. Along with the Wychwood Barns and weekly market, there are a lot of great little spots along St Clair (I have The Stockyards programmed in my phone), but one of my favourite things is to go for walks through Wychwood Park, which is just around the corner from our house. Started in 1874 as an artists colony, Wychwood is a private neighborhood set aside from the rest of the surrounding area. Heavily treed with a large ravine and pond, this little enclave feels like a walk in the country with many charming English cottage style homes, and some very sleek modern ones. Walking through here, the bustling sounds of the traffic fade away and I often find myself noticing that I can actually hear the birds. Save for the occasional wail of a siren off in the distance, you can almost feel as if you've escaped the city for a little while. This autumn has been particularly beautiful, and being home with a new baby, I've been lucky to enjoy extra walks out to enjoy it. I thought I'd share a bit of it here with you. 

 Large old oak trees frame the winding roads.

Charming details - like these street numbers are found throughout the neighborhood.

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