Thursday, November 5, 2015

Listed: A modern traditional home in Toronto

The Toronto house hunting adventure continues! It really is the wild west out there in terms of the array of homes you find, and the states they are presented. So far we've seen homes that were half dilapidated with electric wires precarious hanging out of the sockets; a couple where you could smell the smoke from outside the front door and had yellow stained walls from years of marinading in cigarette fumes; and some rather questionable and "creative" renovation and decorating decisions. I'm constantly reminded of one of my favourite quotes, from a favourite movie When Harry Met Sally during the 'wagon wheel coffee table scene' when Marie says "Everybody thinks they have good taste and a sense of humor but they couldn't possibly all have good taste." Too true, Marie. But some people do have good taste, and this home is an example of that. This home is not huge, but it's open plan makes it feel more spacious. It is decorated fairly minimally in all white but elements like the oriental style carpets and vintage gilded picture frames make the space feel very warm and give it a more of a traditional feeling.The listing stated that the home had been featured in magazines previously and I do recognize it from the pages of House and Home (unfortunately can't remember the dates of the issues). So somebody is going to be moving in to a very lovely (and semi-famous) new home very soon!

Basic neutral upholstery in an all white space lets the rich oriental rug be the star of the show. 

Black and charcoal elements - like the glossy painted doors, banister and dining chairs, and the black lampshades ground the space and prevent it from looking washed out.

A small but mighty kitchen with open shelves for display and vintage framed art are a perfect mix of modern and traditional.

The wall going up the staircase adorned with Cole and Son's birch tree wallpaper .

A cheerful floral shower curtain brightens up the bathroom.

I seem to remember this from a House and Home feature on using a panel of wallpaper as art. Love this gorgeous oversized watercolour abstract.

A simple and serene bedroom.

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Azizul Haque said...

Lovely post and great advice. I am really happy to see wonderful room decoration and traditional wallpaper which made a happy place and comfortable room. Thanks for sharing valuable information.


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