Monday, October 26, 2015

Underwater photography by Barbara Cole

 The Bau-Xi gallery was the very first gallery I'd explored when I first moved back to Toronto. On a snowy February afternoon I was drawn in by the bright and beautiful oversized floral works by Bobbie Burgers. Since then it's remained a favourite of mine and I often return back to it and make wonderful discoveries there. A recent discovery through the gallery, was the work of Canadian photographer of Barbara Cole. Her mesmerizing underwater images are dream-like and transportive. I could start at them for hours. I share (as many do) her obsession with water and find it such a soothing and restorative solace to be in and even just to watch.

"Water is a place that I feel super comfortable.  I think it just gives me the right kind of stimulation - nothing's jarring, everything's very gentle, everything moves in a beautiful way. Things move in slow motion, sounds are kind of muted and people when they move through water are elegant."    - Barbara Cole

'Charley' from Underworld

'Drifter' diptych from Underworld

'Arabesque' from White Noise

'Incognito' from Underworld

'Flutter kick' from Underworld

'Interval' lenticular print 
(Lenticular prints are created by interlacing a sequence of photographs to match optical lenses, creating a kinetic image that transforms or 'moves' based on the position of the viewer. This image with that effect would be spectacular!)

Watch a short documentary on Barbara and the techniques behind her beautiful work here.


Karolina Barnes said...

Love Barbara's work. I recently came across another artist using similar technique. Her name is Lucie Drlikova and even though the concept might be the same each piece is completely different. I would love to have one of these in my home.

escapade said...

Oh that sounds lovely - on my way to check out Lucie's work. Thank you so much for the referral Karolina! :)


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