Friday, October 16, 2015

Listed: A modern open plan renovation

Here's another renovated stunner on the market - and it's all about the kitchen here! It looks like they've taken a basic salt box of a little house and opened up all the interior walls on the first floor of this relatively small home to create an open airy space. The kitchen is quite simple - but beautifully executed for this small space. A kitchen like this would make me want to cook (and make me have to keep it clean ;) ). 

(one tiny tick that's bugging me here - why did they position that electric outlet and cut the tile around it there? Ruins the clean lines...)

Nice mix of both wood and all white cabinetry to add a bit of warmth to the space and prevent it from starting to look a bit like a science lab.

A great one to save for the idea files...

Photos: Sotheby's 

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