Thursday, October 8, 2015

House Hunting in Toronto pt 1

As I'd mentioned we've started on our mission to find a new home here in Toronto. The real estate market really seems to be the wild west at times with prices climbing higher all the time. I've become a little obsessed with checking out the listings on a daily basis. While I've said before that I'm looking for a fixer-upper, and I really am, I have to admit that quite often the well staged and renovated homes are often the ones that catch my eye. Of course the high priced homes are going to be top of the line and fitted out beautifully, but I've been really impressed to see some of the more moderately priced places that have been beautifully renovated and styled to impress (and sell!). 

Unfortunately all the sloped ceilings in this home make this a non option for my tall husband, but I can still admire the space and the way the opened up a bungalow into an open floor plan. That kitchen is gorgeous!

Beautiful styling in the bedrooms and bathrooms - sloped ceilings and all! Love some of the details they chose - like those large white hexagon tiles. Nice job on the flip guys! 

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