Friday, October 23, 2015

An open plan family living space

Open spaces flooded with light get me every time - and this is one I've gone back to several times since first spotting it in a Rue magazine newsletter a few months ago. So simple, but so much to love here! It is the home of designer Maureen McDermott and her family. Maureen had previously worked with Vicente Wolfe and you can see glimpses of his aesthetic coming through. A very relaxed open concept space that's not necessarily huge but feels very spacious. Feels like a great space for hanging out together as a family or for entertaining. 

An art shelf filled with multiple assorted frames injects a bit of personality space and adds to the easy going, relaxed feeling of the space. The Sherlock style sofas are a bit more traditional that what you'd expect for a streamlined modern space, but are a perfect fit and their soft edges make them feel all the more inviting and comfortable. Adding tan and beige shades in the carpet and pillows, rather than a repetition of more grey gives more of a feeling of warmth.

The white chandelier is quite subtle in this all-white space but adds an interesting geometric mix against the more rustic wood table. Both serve as a great background for the stunning set of three figure darings in indigo blue. I love the loose swishy strokes used in these pieces - so much subtle movement in a monochromatic piece.

Earthy hand thrown pottery and unfinished wood add a natural touch to the otherwise sleek and clean lined kitchen space. The rose gold pendants add just a bit of warmth and understated glamour.

Herringbone tiles in the entrance with a simple black woven pendant above coordinating with the door, the frames and dining chairs in the adjoining room create an easy flow and ground the otherwise very light space. 

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Winter McDermott said...

Thanks so much for featuring our project! We truly appreciate all the support.

-Winter McDermott Design


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