Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Artist Julie Gladstone

Lately I've found I stumble on some of my very best discoveries by following links on Instagram. Earlier this summer I discovered Canadian artist Julie Gladstone through Navillus Gallery, a favourite of mine. Julie's work is dynamic and quite captivating, incorporating a wide range of colours in a fresh palette. Each piece contains a multitude of tiny details in a style that reminded me of Klimt. 

Julie's recent exhibit largely centred around the theme of water and the environment.
"I attempt to beautify the banal, ugly aspects of the landscape. I try to invite the viewer in and suggest ways we can enter into a relationship with the complex issues around the changing environment."

Plastic cup in the Ocean

Ripple Effect

Coke Can in River


I'm disappointed I was unable to attend the recent Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition downtown where she had a booth including some small scale and mini pieces. But for any of you interested in following or investing in Julie's beautiful work, I definitely suggest following her on instagram @julesglad.

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