Wednesday, July 15, 2015

White and bright kitchen and dining by Studio McGee

A bonus to my new daily regime of spending several hours a day feeding my baby, has been an extensive amount of time spent perusing the web - particularly Pinterest and Instagram, they make for such an easy, leisurely scroll. In these web travels, I've been able to discover some real gems that were brand new to me or that I'd previously not fully explored. One of these was designer Shea McGee and her work at Studio McGee. Beautifully blending classic and contemporary styles, her work feels bright, fresh and contemporary and not overwrought or flashy or austerely modern. A nice reminder that great design is often just simple and pretty, not overly complex. Definitely one to follow!

 One of my favourite space in her growing portfolio is the recent Robin Road Reno - particularly the kitchen and its adjoining dining space. 

Bright and light filled, the kitchen is spacious and filled with lots of practical storage. The all white space is warmed up with a wood island counter top and brass hardware used throughout. 

This kitchen workspace is defined with its contrasting grey painted finish, but unified with the rest of the kitchen with its matching brass hardware.

A washer and dryer are neatly tucked away in built in cupboard spaces for a completely streamlined look. 

A little entry nook has little built in bench with storage below. The area is warmed up with a woven rug.

The glass fronted cabinets by the sink create a lovely space for display and stop the kitchen from becoming overbearing with too many cabinet doors. Flowing off the kitchen is the dining area. One of my favourite features is the fireplace between the two, making it able to be enjoyed from both the kitchen and dining areas, as well as the adjoining living room. 

I loved the carved legs of this classic wood dining tables, especially paired with simple modern white dining chairs. An upright piano is tucked in the wall with built in shelves above. I thought placing the piano in this built in nook was so clever! Pianos can often be difficult pieces to place, but this keeps it a focal point -looking striking against the crisp white walls and built ins, but still unobtrusive, tucked away in line with the fireplace.

All photos by Studio McGee 
Visit the original post here for a full tour and 'Before' photos of the space.

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Udy Regan said...

A white and bright area is suitable not only for the kitchen, but for any other areas around the house as well. It creates a lively atmosphere which is perfect for homeowners to unwind and de-stress themselves especially after a hard day at work.


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