Thursday, July 23, 2015

Michelle Lloyd's White and Natural Summer Cottage

 One thing that living in Canada has taught me is how to maximize every moment of warm weather that comes along. One the biggest tools many Canadians employ to do this is the Summer Cottage. A space away from the hustle and bustle of the city to get away and soak in the beautiful Canadian countryside - calm lake settings, and lush greenery punctuated with wild flowers (yes, it's not always snowing up here!) I've also discovered that the term 'cottage' can really range from anything from veritable country mansion with all the bells and whistles to a tiny shack of a structure, and everything in between. Wherever you fall on the range of cottages out there, it's nice to know that beachy summer style can really be achieved at any budget (provided, of course, that you can first purchase said cottage). A great example is the beachy glamorous cottage of Michelle Lloyd Bermann (one half of the design firm Lloyd Ralphs Design, the creative duo who were previously Club Monaco design executives). Michelle's cottage packs in the feeling of exotic vacation style into a simple, minimal and modern rustic space. There are a few tips you can take from here to translate this feeling into your own space (cottage or otherwise). 

The space has been painted from top to bottom in crisp white paint and decorated in just white and natural wood tones. This unites any mismatched pieces and this continuity also makes the space feel so much more soothing. 

Moroccan lanterns and small accents add a bit of exotic flair to the all white space. Just a couple brightly coloured pillows add a punch of colour (and fun!)

 Natural raffia and jute punctuate an all white bedroom. Linearbox shades add a mid of minimal modern edge to the more traditional bedside lamps (also painted white) which mirror the small floated shelves below.

In the bathroom, grass mats are adhered to the walls - a very effective and inexpensive alternative to grasscloth. Little accents like the lanterns and woven stool with crisp white towels atop make the space feel spa like and luxurious.

The feelings continues right out onto the deck with natural grass sun umbrellas and white furniture. No budget for a fancy patio set? Plush pillows on the floor can create a lounge-y feeling. Little details here, like the risers between the levels on the natural wood deck being painted white really pull the look together for a crisp cohesive feeling.

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