Thursday, March 5, 2015

Inside the studio: Lori Harrison

Toronto based designer and maker Lori Harrison has a keen eye for observing things worn and weathered, as she is able to see the beauty and patterns created through the natural process of decay.  Lori’s experimentation began 15 years ago when her natural inclination to be creative pushed her to start experimenting with screen-printing at home. Lori who’s background is graphics, marketing and branding has always been interested in making and what started as a desire to create furniture and pieces for herself has grown into a successful business. 

Behind all of Lori’s pieces is a strong sense of narrative. Most everything in her line has been inspired by a photograph of something she has observed that links pattern, texture and narrative together with a specific time and place. From these initial images she designs everything from furniture pieces to paintings to home accessories.

The patter on the Venice cushion (above) was inspired by the peeling paint on a wall that Lori encountered on one of her travels. "The wall of a seaside home is returning to its elements. Peeling stucco and a scatter of lights and darks. The manufactured wall, relaxing into the sun, sand and salt, rediscovers randomness."

Lori’s carefully handmade pieces can be found in exclusive stores across Canada including Hollace Cluny, Pavilion and Cocoon Furniture in Toronto.

Written by Krista Ross for Escapade.  All photos courtesy of Lori Harrison

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