Friday, February 20, 2015

Sofia Coppola's Nolita Loft

This beautiful space was in circulation a few years ago when Sofia Coppola initially listed it for sale a couple years ago. I came across it the other day and couldn't help but think how it still hits the mark. Simple and unfussy, but still with little quirks and bits of charm throughout. There is a sense of flow throughout the space - the cream palette follows throughout, accented with just a few touches of cool powder blue and warmer wood tones. While the look is very coordinated, it still feels very casual and approachable - not overly 'designed' or planned out. Looking through all the elements, I couldn't help but think how achievable this 'luxurious yet approachable' look really is when you break it down. It's pretty much that covetable 'French girl style' (which Sofia embodies so well) of easy, effortless elegance translated into a home.

A soft cream shag rug defines the living area. Two matching generously deep George Sherlock sofas face each other with a chunky but simple wood coffee table between them. The large chinoiserie style lamp adds a bit of extra character to the space. Casual leaning art on the window heating radiators along the wall and a pile of oversized floor pillows make the space look inviting and casual.

A bold solid wood dining table paired with vintage bentwood and rattan chairs. These chairs are hard to find, but occasionally do come up in vintage shops if you keep your eyes open and act quickly. A few years ahead of the curve, Sofia clearly saw the timeless elegance of the Beni ourain rug before they became such a staple. 

As much as I love the trend of open shelving in the kitchen, I'm not sure I'm actually tidy enough to pull this off at home. This kitchen design provides a good compromise - a lower open shelf for display, with glass cabinets above and the rest all enclosed. 

Very simple, but soft and soothing. The bedroom is all in shades of cream - a plush flokati rug, an upholstered bed with just two powder blue pillows accenting the bed and two chinoiserie lamps on very simple side tables (with just a quick search I immediately pulled up a few similar lamps on Craigslist). The rich, patterned lamps add a bit of warmth and richness to the otherwise plain space. Such an easy, achievable look on any budget! Another tip from this room: turn unsightly window radiators into seating with some long upholstered cushions. 

Photos: Popsugar

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