Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sculptural ceramics by Martine Jackson

For better or worse, in recent times Instagram has become more a part of my daily repertoire as of late - not always posting, but browsing through friends and increasingly discovering some great new links and designers as well. A recent discovery was the beautiful pottery of South African ceramic artist Martine Jackson. Drawing inspiration from nature, fashion, homewares and especially graphic design, Martine's pieces are each hand built using the coil method and are characterized by their strikingly sculptural organic shapes. I was instantly struck by their unusual shapes and the bold but delicate colour and patterns used. For Martine, pottery is actually a long standing family passion with her mother being a well established ceramicist and her grandfather, a sculptor.  Having been introduced to working with clay at the age of five, Martine says “I am at my most peaceful and happiest when working with clay. The process of sculpting and painting is meditative and transports me to a timeless, relaxed state of being." Here are just a few examples of Martine's beautiful work, see more on her website here

All photos: Martine Jackson 

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