Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Laid back style at home: Heidi Merrick in Los Angeles

The homes that appeal to me the most are never the ones that are perfectly decorated or have the most luxurious fittings, they are always the ones that have a real heart and soul. Homes hat make you feel like you just stopped by the home of a good (and stylish) friend and can curl up on one of the chairs and settle in. And of course, to me the ultimate luxury is an ease between indoor and outdoor living - a space that invites the outdoors in and that has a strong sense of comfort and ease. Los Angeles designer Heidi Merrick's home definitely fit the bill for me. The home is simple, soulful and a little bit bohemian, giving credence to the home's 100 year old history and Spanish architecture and injecting lots of personal pieces from travels around the world. And of course, when all else fails a big bouquet of pink bougainvillea will win me over every time. 


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