Monday, November 24, 2014

Fresh and light: Scarborough House by Collected Interiors

In defiance of the impending winter here in Canada, I am not ready for coziness just yet. I'm still seeking spaces filled with light, sunshine and the feeling of eternal summer. It's been a little while since I discovered a new favourite design firm, and my latest discovery is a real gem. Collected Interiors is a Perth, Australia based design firm whose style just suits me to a 't'. Their specialty appears to be light, fresh and thoroughly modern spaces that are infused with interesting layers of texture and and colour and the feeling of open spaciousness. This beauty located in the Scarborough area has a gorgeous mix of materials. I love the light natural wood, soft grey upholstery and hammered copper coffee tables - all set against a clean white background. The whole space feels like a day at the beach (which is exactly where I'd like to be...) 

All images: Collected Interiors

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