Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Patrick Dempsey's Family Home in Malibu

I'm having major house envy after exploring actor Patrick Dempsey's Malibu home. One of famed architect Frank Gehry's early homes, it is a modern design gem - with clean lines, dramatic angles and an indoor/ outdoor flow throughout the home. While the decor is a little more on the industrial / rustic side than I'd personally choose, it has been done quite beautifully and provides a rich contrast to the crisp modern architecture of the home. 

'The Tin House', as it has been named, has an assuming entrance as you first approach, with a dramatic flourish as you near the home 

Love the idea of strips of coloured neon lights as an art installation! This simple piece, combined with the dramatic oversized front door are one of my favourite parts of the home. 

The crisp, cool modern design is warmed up with a rich Moroccan rug underfoot and a plush daybed as you enter the home.

Throughout the home is a balance between rugged and refined, seen in the contrast between the huge wall of shelving for chopped wood with the tailored tuxedo sofas and silk rug. 

A very comfortable, but still casual every day eating area. The pictures above are from The Bubble Series by Melvin Sokolsky.

There are a lot of heavy rustic and industrial elements in this home, but it is balanced by the multiple skylights, high ceilings,  all white walls that keep the space looking light and airy. 

A little

A beautiful and bountiful raised vegetable garden. I'm a terrible gardener but someday I hope to be good. 

A lounge-y outdoor space around the fire pit, for enjoying summer evenings with friends. 

Now he's just rubbing it in - this country home even comes complete with mini donkeys and an outdoor pizza oven! 

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