Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Neutral territory by NYCID

I'm having one of those periods where it feels like there is so much happening all at once and I'm constantly just one step behind trying to keep up with it all. When life gets hectic, my resolve for calm and tranquility only increases and I wish I could press pause and escape to some desert island away from everything and everyone to catch my breath for a bit. Failing the availability of a suitable desert island, I'd take the urban equivalent - a soothing neutral retreat. I saw this West Village Duplex designed by NYC Interior Design and immediately felt at home. Indeed, it felt like we had transplanted many of my favourite pieces from work into an apartment and set up camp. Needless to say I'd happily move right in (and add some more art! Not particularly in love with that ice berg image.) So often in creative fields it's easy to feel so much pressure to do something completely innovative or earth shatteringly original, but this calm and soothing space was a great reminder to me that keeping it simple and using classic pieces and designs more often than not still be a winning formula for a beautiful space. No earth shattering required. 

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