Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Furniture as art: Larkbeck cabinetry, London, UK

Larkbeck is a studio collaboration between two furniture makers Rafe Mullarkey and Laszlo Beckett. Creating pieces from solid hardwood, they integrate time honoured hand made furniture making techniques in combination with new technology for their own unique spin. The Sasara collection was created by Laszlo Beckett, inspired by the work of renowned cabinet maker George Nakashima as well as the work of jewellery maker Jo Hayes Ward, he reinterprets the ancient Japanese As No Ha pattern, often used in kimonos. In the Sakura Sideboard, he uses pixelated cherry blossoms that wrap around the cabinet. These pixelated 3D images add a tactile, sculptural quality to the pieces, making them truly functional pieces of art for the home. 

As No Ha Highboy

Shippo Tsunagi Desk

Sakura Sideboard

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