Friday, June 20, 2014

Shattered sunsets: Bing Wright

The best sunsets of this year will be this weekend - or at least the latest sunsets. I can hardly believe it - it seems like we're just starting to hit our stride with the warmer weather, and already we're at the climax of the season. A little bittersweet to say the least. So this weekend I want to make a special effort to really take in the sunset. Sundowners are a savoured Southern African tradition - taking the time to enjoy those last few moments of the day with a  few drinks, a few friends and one of mother nature's most stunning shows. 

I was recently quite taken by the beautiful work of New York based photographer Bing Wright who captured images of the sunset reflected in broken mirrors. The way the light and colour bounce around these images is complete stunning. And here's where I get philosophical and talk about how the cracks of this shattered mirror actually reflect back the imagery in a much more faceted and complicated but richer and more beautiful way, just as in life. 

Here's to savouring sunsets and a beautiful weekend ahead!

All photos: Bing Wright

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