Friday, June 6, 2014

Dive in: Josep Moncada

There's something so replenishing about being by the water, I could sit watching the waves rolling in and the light playing on the water for hours and feel an almost primal draw to it at times. When being by the water isn't an option, I feel an equal pull towards soothing images of water. Many of my favourite watery images consist of photography as paintings can sometimes fail to convey that luminosity and play of light. Spanish artist Josep Moncada manages to capture this so beautifully. His paintings are almost photorealistic using a multitude of shades of blue and hairline detail to really bring the images to life. These paintings capture one of my most favourite feelings at the start of the summer -that first dive in, and coming up to the sun on my face and watching all the stress and anxiety just float away.

Happy weekend everyone!

All artwork by Josep Moncada Juaneda, images via Artelista

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