Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cool Shades for Hot Days: Warby Parker

Around this time of year, the sunny skies and longer days give a lot of us the green light to start thinking about a new pair of sunglasses. Choosing a new pair of sunglasses can often be a task as daunting as finding a new pair of jeans, they are an every day staple and you want to ensure that the fit is just right. One of the brands that has impressed me the most recently has been Warby Parker. Their modern take on classic vintage styles give them the perfect 'retro cool' edge. What's even better is the mentality and ethics behind this brand. They believe that everyone has the right to see clearly. Most big brands sell their rights to big brands to make their glasses for them (e.g. Luxottica), where Warby Parker do the manufacturing themselves enabling them to offer a very reasonable price point - $120 for prescription glasses (many designer brands are often $300 - 500). Additionally, for every pair of glasses sold, Warby Parker will give a pair of glasses to someone in need (over 500, 000 so far!). This type of business model is what makes me most excited - a for profit business with a larger social mission at its core. So you can feel good and do good while looking fantastic.

Today, Warby Parker launched two new styles - The Marple and the Clara - collaborating with supermodel Karlie Kloss with a sleek 1970s retro vibe for those wanting something a little more streamlined and delicate. In addition to giving a pair away for every pair sold, Warby Parker will be making a donation to a charity that is close to Karlie - the Edible Schoolyard in NYC which works with low income city schools to build kitchens and gardens and help children to learn lifelong healthy habits.

All photos: Warby Parker

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