Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A modern apartment renovation in Oslo

The London based team at Haptic Architects took on a project renovating a 19th century apartment in Oslo, Norway. Their mission was to open up the space that was divided between two floors and create one open, cohesive area. The real focal point of this space is really the suspended floating staircase. I think it's quite striking and has sculptural feeling. As much as I love the look, however, I personally would find it quite treacherous. I hate using staircases without stair risers. I love the light airy feeling but have serious doubts about my own ability to use them effectively, I'm quite sure I'd somehow end up slipping through and flailing about stuck in between the steps. 

The relaxed sofa and woven Moroccan rug add a bit of warmth and comfort. No need for a television, you can just sit and admire the stairs. 

The steps and window seats also double as clever storage solutions. 

The light airy feeling of the all white space is grounded by a black kitchen. The cabinetry, wall, island and even the light pendants have all been done in the same matte black tone, making it really blend away and giving more focus to the real show piece of the room - the floating staircase - and other little details. I love the dining chairs in mixed pastel shades for a pop of colour and a bit of a playful twist in this otherwise neutral and more 'serious' feeling space. 

Love the little fireplace in the kitchen - adds the perfect amount of warmth to this otherwise cool and minimal space.


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