Monday, June 2, 2014

A charming apartment in Gothenburg

We got to experience a bit of Swedish apartment life during our visit to Gothenburg this past December. I was impressed by the amount of space, the character and the amount of storage that they each seemed to have. One thing that really stood out to me was the kitchen / dining spaces. In most of the apartments I've lived in here in North America, the kitchen and dining areas almost seemed to be perfunctory after thoughts - in Sweden, it seems, taking the time and space to truly dine and invite a whole group around to share a meal seems to be more of an important focus. The apartment is no exception. With a beautifully spacious and open layout that rivals many much larger homes, there is a feeling of ease and expansiveness. A classic all white space with little hits of quirk and personality throughout that really bring it to life. The sprawling outdoor balcony has got me thinking that a Spring / Summer Scandinavian visit may have to be on cards sometime in the future too.

Photos: Bjurfors via Planete Deco


Lendalia said...

Lovely apartment. So spacious. Scandinavians are indeed really good when it come to be practical combining and using efficiency the storage you get in a house. Cant wait to move there, less than two months to go ;-)! Hope to see you in Stockholm!

Anonymous said...

I live in Toronto and PINE for apartments as the one you have shown, or other parts of Europe. I'm in total agreement, less space but more 'spacious'...when you love architectual details, which is unfortunately difficult to find with mass produced condos/homes (so typical) my heart aches. I should just pack up and move...Enjoy your blog, Anna


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