Wednesday, April 2, 2014

State of calm: Ruyi Dumpling and Wine Bar, Melbourne, Australia

We don't just live our lives inside our homes, and often some of the most inspiring interiors can be found in commercial spaces. Recently, I keep coming back to the calm and soothing palette of the Ruyi Dumpling and Wine Bar in Melbourne, Australia designed by the Australian firm Hecker Guthrie. A far cry from the stereotypical bright red and black Chinese restaurant interior that have a dark and sultry atmosphere, this space is light, bright and refreshing. There are so many elements that  I love in this space that could easily be translated into a home as well - the lounge-y dining banquets (with wooden storage boxes underneath), the Eames style stools used as a versatile dining chair alternative (love this idea!) and of course the beautiful muted palette in soft pastel tones and natural wood. Hecker Guthrie have done such a beautiful job with maintaining the light, natural feeling extending even to the earthy ceramics while still subtlety honouring the traditional Chinese elements of oxblood and jade but in softer tones. One of my favourite little details are the brass butterfly joints in the raw wood panels behind the benches. 

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