Monday, March 24, 2014

Listed: in the Western Cape Region, South Africa

There's a house that just gone up for sale around the corner from me. A perfectly fine but rather unremarkable Toronto home without many appreciable architectural features to speak of, and a tiny postage stamp of a front garden. I'm not sure you could even fit a car onto it. I find a lot of these local real estate listings quite depressing. With the hefty price tag of Toronto homes, it just doesn't feel like you really get a lot for your money. Of course there is always a high premium to be placed on living right downtown in a major metropolitan area, but it's got my real estate mind thinking far outside the city limits. One of my most favourite hobbies is looking at international real estate. Often in Southern Africa, as I feel that sooner or later my heart will take me to settle back in this part of the world that still just feels like home to me. When I think of spending near a million dollars on a home, I want land and space! Or at very least some beautiful architecture and amenities. Of course this is not an apples to apples comparison, but I can't help but be pretty swayed towards what the same listing price of the house across the street would buy me in the Western Cape region. 

Check out this beauty - a whole farm! Nestled among the mountains, and just a drive to the ocean, this gorgeous thatch cottage style home comes complete with it's own vineyards, stables and paddocks and views to die for! 

 Not wanting to fully commit to life on a farm? How about this one - just a short drive from town. In classic Cape Dutch architecture with teak framed windows and doors, you have a view of both the mountains and the ocean! All set on a beautiful garden with loads of space to grow fruit and vegetables as well.  

Photos and full listing information for House 1, House 2

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