Monday, March 17, 2014

Laid back neutrals

I was one of many who were thrilled to bits when Domino magazine recently brought back all their older archives online. Being reunited with so many favourite spaces and images has kept me busy lingering over little details I may have missed previously and re-appreciating how fantastic some of these spaces really were. You really could republish some of the old issues today and they'd still be just as relevant. A favourite space I've been lingering on recently is the Brooklyn, NY home of lighting designers Stéphane and Frouwkje Pagani of Pagani Studio. All in soft neutrals with rich, rugged wood accents, this space is a soothing escape. 

Over the past few weeks I've been working on a project involving some very vibrant colours and textiles, and while there's so many energy and stimulation that bright colour and bold patterns can bring, sometimes you just need to let your eyes and all other senses just relax. While this space is very neutral, it's still layered with interesting textures and details that give it a lot of personality. 

I don't quite know what the all white sculptural piece at the left of the image is (above) but I love it. It's very subtle but also such a statement. While I thought I was 'over' ghost chairs, at least for a while (they were absolutely everywhere at one point!), here contrasted against this heavy solid wood table, I'm reminded that I deep down I do love them after all (I think I just needed a break from them). 

This neutral bedroom and it's bright blue Murano glass chandelier have been burned in my mind since I first saw it. It's the perfect example of the power and personality of one quick shot of bright colour. 

Photos: William Abramovicz for Domino magazine, Feb 2008

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