Monday, March 10, 2014

Bright and white: an elegant apartment in Finland

This past weekend was wonderfully sunny and bright, and an encouraging reminder that behind those clouds was a sunny bright sky, and underneath those huge hills of snow, Spring just might bloom again. Over the weekend I had a chance to go back through some of the design magazines I'd picked up in Europe during our trip over the holidays. Of course no trip to Sweden could be complete without coming back with an arm full of design magazines (my husband nearly killed me for all the extra luggage weight!). 

This weekend I found myself pouring over an issue of Residence magazines, one of my favourite Swedish titles. The bright and airy apartment of Finnish interior designer Janna Laajistro caught my eye with it's abundance of light and little bits of greenery throughout. It seems like the perfect spot for a Spring morning, with the doors flung open to the little balcony outside. Joanna's story is actually quite an interesting one, as she starting working in interior design after being a professional snowboarder in the United States. Perhaps so many years in the snow created the inspiration for her bright all white apartment. 

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