Wednesday, March 26, 2014

At home: Amanda Brook's farm in Oxfordshire

As may be evident from the previous post as well, I'm having a bit of a love affair at the moment with the notion of country life and even living on a farm.  This past winter has really driven home to me how much being outdoors really contributes to my own happiness and sense of well being and so I'm determined to make a large outdoor space an essential part of my future plans. Of course I realize that many of my romanticized notions of farm life are complete rubbish - I love to imagine myself taking the horses out for a ride in the morning and then proceeding to spend much of the frolicking about with little lambs or other suitably adorable farm animals and then enjoying copious amounts of tea and toast before heading out in my old Land Rover with my dogs. As the granddaughter of a farmer, I know better, but the fantasy is still loads of fun all the same. 

Recently I've been covetously admiring the beautiful English farm Amanda Brooks, the previously New York based fashionista and author of the blog and book, I Love your Style who has moved her family to Oxfordshire, England to enjoy English country life for a period. The farm is utterly charming as is their home, and fits in perfectly with my farming fantasies as of late. There's that wabi sabi feeling to a country home, relaxed, casual and very welcoming. It just beckons you to jump right in and join the fun!

Have always wanted an old Land Rover. In green specifically. 

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