Thursday, March 6, 2014

4 Favourites to follow on Instagram

Instagram has quite quickly become one of my favourite social media platforms. I never really quite bonded with Twitter and being very visual person, I love passing a few quiet moments scrolling through some of the gorgeous imagery and cool little moments and insights into the everyday lives (albeit sometimes quite styled) of everyone from celebrities (I've loved following @lupitanyongo lately, still so excited for her!) to talented creatives from around the world, to person friends. There really is so much inspiration out there! At first I wrestled a bit with the notion of overexposure and over-sharing, but I've come to really appreciate it as a wonderful way to capture and savour those little moments of beauty that are always happening in everyday life and all around us. Being able to share and enjoy them with people all over the world can also be seen as a way of celebrating the beauty of life. 

@tomyk_ is a Greek graphic designer based in Athens, sharing some rather envy inducing shots of gorgeous Greek scenery and details as well as his own beautiful work including the new Pastel collection which is a current favourite of mine. (Check out his full site here)  

@wallabuy is an Australian boutique specializing in the best of Australian design as well as unique designer from around the world. They have an amazing selection of art and beautiful pieces and sharing some very fun and fresh beautiful interiors. 

@lucylaucht is the British born fashionista currently working in Social Media at J Crew. I could scroll through her feed all day.  She beautifully captures simple objects and everyday moments as well as her adventures around the world.

@josephandjaime are Toronto based photographers with a eye for composition and unexpected angles. They manage to find beauty even in the TTC (the local Toronto transit and I have a very love / hate relationship), and share some beautiful moments from their work in wedding photography.

All images via their respective Instagram accounts

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