Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lighting designer: Bec Brittain

Lighting is always one of my favourite parts of any design project. It really is the opportunity to splash out and really choose a piece that will set the tone and the mood for the whole space. We always used to tease a former colleague who would always tell clients "lighting is the jewellery to your home - if you pick something you really love it will always work" and while we all used to chuckle at his dramatic speeches, his message was quite true. Just think of a simple outfit and the difference a big colourful statement necklace vs some simple pearl studs would have on the overall tone. Lighting really is an opportunity to to veer off and really show some personality. 

One of my most favourite lighting designers is Brooklyn, NY based Bec Brittain. I'm actually surprised I haven't shared her work here earlier as I've been following it for some time and have loved watching the development. I saw her pieces in person at Matter in New York awhile ago, and I have to say the photos really don't quite do the pieces justice. In person they are simply stunning. Here are some of favourite pieces:

 The Echo series

The Shy lighting series - available in several configurations and sizes.

The Maxhedon series (above and below) - I love the way the facets and interior lights play off each other.  

The Tessella series - very similar to the Maxhedon, but with beautifully patterned etched mirror. 

The Vice light - with a gorgeous double-fade glass that mimics a beach sunset set inside brass 'claws'.

Photos: Bec Brittain

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Jack Liao said...

Wow! this is quite an awesome lighting collection by Bec Brittain! I am definitely sharing this with a friend that also loves lighting!



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