Monday, February 24, 2014

An elegant Milanese apartment

 This week we'll start off in a very elegant apartment in Milan designed by Italian product designer Pietro Russo for his brother Adrian, and his wife and baby. Pietro's designs are used throughout the home, including large brass, iron and wood display case, the striking 'Piuma' dining table and the suspended pendant light hanging above. The space is dramatic and while each piece of art or furniture, not to mention the original architecture, seems as though it could be the "wow" piece in the space, however, the high ceilings, unadorned floors and rather minimal furniture keep the space in balance. I'm not sure how cozy the living area looks to relax in after a long day (or baby friendly for that matter), but I will say that it sure is pretty. 

The space also served to remind me how much I love German designer Sebastian Herkner's gorgeous Bell tables in brass and glass. The pieces are more 'jewellery' than functional furniture for your home in a way, I just find them so beautiful. I love the rich blend of the translucent colours with brass, and the way they catch the light.

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