Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Strick House by Oscar Niemeyer

Perhaps its a bout of strong wanderlust-ing on account of the bitterly cold weather here, or perhaps the fact that one of my best friends has recently moved to Rio de Janeiro, but Brazil has been on my mind a lot lately. From their music and dance, to their flavourful cuisine to their architecture and design, Brazilians seem to bring a certain sense of drama and panache. 

I was recently going through some images of the Strick House in LA, designed by renowned Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, I was interested to learn that it is actually the only home he designed in the US as he was "long banned from working in the States due to his leftist political associations." Homeowner Anne Strick said that "The choice of Niemeyer was not only an aesthetic one, but, in part, a way of thumbing our noses at the whole McCarthy era because it seemed so reprehensible that a man, simply because of his political views, could be prevented from working in this country." Local architect Ulrich Plaut handled the working drawings and "Anne Strick oversaw the completion of the residence with the collaboration of Interior Designer Amir Farr."

The result was a airy, open mid-century modern sanctuary with a distinct bit of Brazilian flair. All of the elements, from the furniture to the landscaping, serve to enhance the overall design.

Dramatic big windows, natural wood and a pair of sexy leopard print chairs.

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