Friday, January 10, 2014

Mint Shop, London

It goes without saying of the best parts of travel is the chance to explore and discover brand new things. Sometimes in our increasingly globalized and homogenized world there can be so much 'same-ness' and  in the unending flow of information and images in magazines, blogs and Pinterest, you can sometimes come to feel you've almost seen it all. But, every now and then you come across a refreshing reminder how many wonderful things there are still is to discover. A delightful new discovery for me was Mint Shop in London. An interior design shop established in London by Lina Kanafani in 1998, it cleverly mixes top cutting edge designs with innovative pieces by emerging talents, often commissioning artists and designers to create one off original pieces or editions exclusively for the store. The displays are lavish and often with a bit of a whimsical twist, making them feel fresh, original and very intriguing. A must-see for any design lovers in London!

While I may not be brave enough to ever incorporate an elaborate spiral legged dresser into my home,, here are a few of my favourite pieces in their current collection: 

The No Glue, No Screw desk - this striking piece is inspired by the geometric lines of the Art Deco era. The forms are built from 46 individual pieces of hand polished and mirrored laser cut stainless steel, precisely slotted and interlocked to form one elaborate design.

Large stacking vessels - these beauties are actually comprised of three separate containers, each of a different material - wood, glass and metal - that stack together to create one stunning piece. 

Soft stools in carrera marble inspired printed fabric (reminded me of Ronel Jordaan's felted rock cushions)

All images: Mint Shop


Jill Seidner | Interior Design said...

What a gorgeous curated shop! Thanks for sharing!

escapade said...

Glad you liked it too Jill! I thought it was quite a gem - such unique pieces, more art than furniture.


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