Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Malene Birger's Mallorca Home

Right now outside it -21C outside, and I'm dreading having to head out in a few minutes. Just for now, I thought I'd enjoy a little sunny virtual escape to a very different outdoor scene. Danish fashion designer Malene Birger put her house on the market a few months back, and what a beauty it is! I can almost feel the dry heat radiating off of the warm terra cotta tiles. Indoors there is a mix of the warm toned terra cotta as well as painted white concrete flooring. The interiors are decorated in a simple but strong black and white palette, and mixed with lots of natural wood. 

Love the inlay dresser in the bedroom!

The space even includes an artist's studio - love these bold black, white and blue pieces. Since the home is still on the market, maybe Malene could be convinced to throw in a piece or two. 

If it's a slow day, or like me you can never resist some good international real estate stalking - treat yourself to some serious wanderlust-ing by checking out this full listing and many more gorgeous Mediterranean properties at Lucas Fox.

All photos by Gori Salva for Lucas Fox, discovered via Est magazine


Jordana @WhiteCabana said...

Thanks for reminding me that I want an artist's studio. Love it!
And this weather - I'm so over it. Yuck.

escapade said...

Jordana - that was one of my favourite features too! + we're in total agreement re: weather :(

Brian said...

Love it. Is this in Canada? What brands are included? I'm interior designer and architect and I love this feature :) Search for delightfull ;)

Edward Thirlwall said...

The black and white create quite an impressive contrast in the house! I like how there's a bit of it in each room.


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