Thursday, January 23, 2014

Etsy finds: beautiful leather pieces from Kertis

For almost as long as I remember I've had a thing for keeping things all organized in little containers and pouches.  I love having everything tucked away in its own little spot, even within another larger bag. I often have at least a few in my everyday bag on any given day. Recently, these beautiful handmade pouches from the etsy shop Kertis caught my eye. Classic leather pieces with just enough embellishment and attention to the details - like antique brass hardware, simple, unfussy tassels and beautifully hand painted prints. And at an extremely reasonable price point to boot!  There just might be another addition to my little collection of pouches. 

A simple black clutch with the twist of a little tassel - a beautiful wardrobe staple. 

Love this simple brass and leather key ring  (also available in a tassel) and the beautiful sand toned leather with hand painted gold leaves.

One of my very favourites - white leather with Monstera leaves (a staple in my house) painted on.

Beautifully rich vintage tapestry pouch in velvet would be a fun burst of colour inside a dark bag or lovely as a little clutch on its own. 

All photos: Kertis


Lisa Mackay said...

These are GORGEOUS. Thanks for the find !

escapade said...

Most welcome ;) I was quite impressed with them.


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