Tuesday, January 14, 2014

At home: Fashion designer Jenni Kayne's laid back LA home

Sometimes you find the very best things while shifting through old magazines waiting for an appointment. This was the case when I recently fell saw and fell in love with my current dream house.  Fashion designer Jenni Kayne's LA home strikes the perfect balance between laid back and luxurious. With a breezy California vibe and each room opening up onto the gardens, everything feels so spacious and has a lovely feeling of flow throughout the space. Aside from the raw wood and stone, the space comprises of clean all white walls (and one black one) that serve as the backdrop for a carefully curated art collection. Jenni and her husband real estate agent Richard Ehrlich purchased the home several years ago and then slowly renovated it with the architectural firm Jenni had worked with on her first retail store - Standard (see the store here). The space is decorated with a mix of pedigreed contemporary designs, modern designs and antiques found in flea markets. 

“I try to find things that are truly special and that fit in with my design sensibility,” Kayne says. “There’s no plastic and no garish colors. Doing four collections a year, I’m surrounded by different colors and patterns all day long. I need the place where I live to be clean and simple.” 

All photos: Roger Davies, Produced by Robert Rufino for Architectural Digest, October 2012


Christina Perraki said...

Such a beautiful home!

Edward Thirlwall said...

That kids room really looks amazing! It's a very unique theme to have there too. And the amount of storage in there is quite impressive while not overpowering the fact that the kids toys have the full run of the area! I really have to keep that in mind the next time my kids want to change up their rooms!


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