Thursday, January 2, 2014


A brand new year always brings the promise of a fresh start and a chance to reflect, re-think and renew our commitments to the very best of our intentions. While my little list of resolutions would no doubt include the perpetual endeavour to finally get it together and be stunningly organized and efficient, get back to my running and yoga and to watch less tv, there is one overarching principle I want to work on most of all. 

Look, but don't linger, before you leap!

I often find myself in a constant state of indecision and doubt, over thinking and second guessing (more like twenty-second guessing) every decision before I take the plunge. As if somehow all this worrying in advance will somehow make me immune from the pain or disappointment of the wrong decision. As we know, this only results in double the stress if anything, and more often has been a big barrier to achieving some of my bigger goals and ambitions. The self-imposed pressure of perfection often leaves me further behind and even more frustrated and self-critical than before. So if there's one thing I'd like to take to heart it would be to stop waiting for that perfect moment, for stars to be aligned and all the optimal conditions to be met before finally taking the plunge. This year I'd like to push myself out of my comfort zone, to take some big risks and with any luck, accomplish some big things. 
To be more brave! To just do it - it's going to be an amazing year!

Wishing us all a fantastic 2014!

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