Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Simple, natural, Scandinavian Christmas

To me, no one does Christmas better than the Scandinavians, perhaps their wintry climate and being the natural home of reindeers helps to give them a little extra Christmas spirit, but I find their approach to the holiday so charming and very beautiful. My sister spent a year living in Denmark awhile back, and was quite taken with the beautiful way they celebrate the season. She brought back some beautiful Christmas ornaments, but also started a few traditions that we've incorporated into our family holiday as well, such as handcrafted paper heart 'baskets' filled with candy to hang on the tree.

 A big step away from some of the more garish flashing lights and the cavalcade of colour we often have here in North America, their approach favours more simple and natural elements. Hand made ornaments, raw wood elements, animals hides and sheepskins to add a bit of needed coziness. This simply styled home in Denmark seem to be the perfect venue for Christmas to me. In simple black and white with handmade paper and wooden decorations, it really shows that often less is more. A postcard-perfect wintry outdoor scene adds the perfect holiday backdrop. 

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